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Sheet metal machining

Upon request we design and manufacture machine safety guards, complete plate structures and individual constructions. Steel, high-alloy steel and aluminium are used for these products.

The sheet metal machinery involves the production of individual machine safety guards which are designed according to the customer's specifications; and the manufacturing of industrial painting systems and other welded sheet metal structures which are catered for production lines.

sheet metal

Cutting edge technology for high level of accuracy
sheet metal sheet metal
CNC bending machine up to 4 m length. CNC controlled punching-and nibbling equipment for large format plates.

Laser cutting on an economical way


The Rotolas adaptor of the TRUMPF machines makes it possible to laser cut different openings of the skirt of pipes, box sections. Max. pipe diameter 220 mm Max. length 3000 mm

sheet metal
Highly accurate CNC laser for cutting plates and pipeline components